BMAG’s Gallery 27…some lovely parallels with works held in the Barber

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Good things come in small packages.  Gallery 27 may be one of our smallest gallery spaces, but the new display of 14th to 16th century European art contains some gems which are worth spending time with.

One half of the room explores the way Christian art has used women to represent extremes of good and evil.  A bronze sculpture shows Eve, who took an apple from the forbidden tree and caused humanity’s expulsion from Paradise.  In contrast, Suzannah was a symbol of virtue because she refused to give in to the advances of two men who interrupted her bath.

The Virgin Mary, the ultimate example of female purity, is depicted with simple realism in Verrochio’s terracotta panel.  This panel was made in the same workshop in which Leonardo da Vinci receiving his training as a young apprentice.

The other half of the room brings together examples of the…

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