Departmental Research Seminar: Wednesday 9 December

‘Peter Blake’s God’s Own Junkyard (1964) – A Case Study on Photography as a Means of Architectural and Environmental Criticism’

Professor Hubert Locher
(University of Marburg)

Wednesday 9 December, 4:10 pm
Barber Institute Lecture Theatre


‘The lecture will revolve around the German born architect and architectural critic Peter Blake (1920-2006), presenting a case study on his book God’s Own Junkyard: The Planned Deterioration of the American Landscape (1964). This book combines short programmatic texts with a large number of carefully arranged photographs. In this lecture, I will try to describe and analyse Blake’s use of photography for popularising specific aesthetic standards. Photography is used as evidence, and as a means of advancing theoretical positions about architecture and environmental or urban planning in a plain and appealing manner. The book can be considered a relatively early contribution towards a criticism of man’s destruction of the environment, understood here not so much as an ecological system, but rather as an aesthetic phenomenon.’

Refreshments served

All Welcome!

Enquiries to Sara Tarter:

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