Spare $8m? Buy Michelangelo’s Tuscan villa.


La Torre de Michelangiolo

Wealthier readers take note! Stuck for something to do with $8.4m (approx. £5.9m)? Why not grab a piece of art historical real estate: a luxury villa near to Florence that was once owned by Michelangelo.

Purchased in 1549 by a 74-year-old Michelangelo–by this time overseeing the redesign of St Peter’s–the four storey villa, which boasts original Renaissance fixtures, wood-burning fireplaces, an olive grove, and sits next to a vineyard(!!), originally cost Michelangelo 2,281 florins, which in today’s money is roughly $320k. Its current asking price is exactly $8, 369, 602, which I think, all told, is a bit of bargain, really… I mean, come on, Michelangelo (sort of) lived there!

If I had the cash, I know I’d be tempted. I mean, just LOOK:

La Torre de Michelangiolo 2

Michelangelo villa 3


Perhaps everyone in the Department could chip and we’ll all share it? More here.

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