About and The Team

The Golovine team

The Golovine team

The Golovine is the official Blog for the Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies at The University of Birmingham. The Blog takes its name from one of the most popular artworks in the collection of The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, where the Department is based: Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun’s c.1797 Portrait of Countess Golovine. 

The Golovine was set up to give some insight into what it’s actually like to study Art History, Curating and Visual Studies here at The University of Birmingham. What do our students get up on a day-to-day basis? What modules are on offer? And what opportunities are there for students to get stuck in here at the Barber Institute, in Birmingham and elsewhere in the UK and abroad. It is also intended to showcase the successes of our alumni, and the research being conducted by the Department’s staff and postgraduate researchers.

The Blog is managed and edited by postgraduates in the department and Dr Elizabeth L’Estrange – that’s (some of) us in the heading photograph. We are:

Dr. Elizabeth L’Estrange – who is an expert in the art and culture of the late medieval and early modern period in Europe, with a special interest in illuminated manuscripts

Amy Shulman – who is researching Picture Post and the visual narratives of the photo essay, with a focus on the work of émigré photographers, 1938-1945

Jamie Edwards – whose PhD focuses on 16th-century Netherlandish art, in particular the art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1527 – 69)

Imogen Wiltshire – who is researching the relationships between modernism, emigration from Nazi Germany and the development of art therapy in the 1930s and ’40s.

Carly Hegenbarth – whose PhD examines the visual cultures of Catholic emancipation in Great Britain and Ireland between 1821 and ’32

Recent recruits (not in the photo):

Faith Trend – whose research focuses on ecclesiastical architecture in Venice 1580 – 1657

Lauren Dudley – who works on Hubert Robert’s images of France during the French Revolution

We also have a dedicated team of Undergraduate reps.

Past and present students, if you would like to contribute to The Golovine please email us at: thegolovine@gmail.com

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