AAH Annual Conference 2014: Student Call for Papers

Association of Art Historians 40th Anniversary Conference & Bookfair
Royal College of Art (London) 10 – 12 April 2014

Student Session Call for Papers:
Nostalgia: Representations and Reconstructions 
of the Past

Session Convenors:
Anna Beketov, University of Leeds
Nicola McCartney, Birkbeck, University of London
Imogen Wiltshire, University of Birmingham

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the AAH and the 175th 
anniversary of the RCA. In light of this focus on commemoration
 and duration, this year’s Student Session seeks to interrogate the
 ways in which concepts of time, temporality and nostalgia permeate
artworks, their production and the writings of art history. To what 
extent is there an inherent sentimentality to the way in which we
 view and interact with works of the past and how has this shaped 
the production, reception, collection and display of artworks?

Artworks enact and subvert historical narratives and events, while
 periodization and chronology are inextricable components of the
 discipline of art history. This session considers how art historians 
and practitioners construct the past from the perspective of the 
present and explores the relativity of perception. Traditions and
 legacies are created through celebration and appropriation over
time, but why are some art historians deemed sacred or artworks 
untouchable yet others are referenced and critiqued again and 

We invite presentations from student artists and historians
 exploring historiography or specific case studies.
Topics might
 include but are not limited to:

- The role of nostalgia in its differing forms (e.g. geo-political,
Romantic, personal) in representations of the past, events or 
projected futures
– Strategies adopted by artists and historians to archive, record, 
represent or distort time
– Anachronism in art practice and theory
– Relationships between the ephemeral artwork and its 
– Pervading legacies and traditions revived across art periods
– Critiques of Michael Baxendall’s ‘period eye’ or retrospective 
– Appropriations of art and theory
– The nature and role of art history in the future

To submit a paper proposal, follow the guidelines and download a form from: www.aah.org.uk/annual-conference/2014-conference
Proposals should be emailed directly to the conveners  via AAH40SS@gmail.com  by 11 November 2013.  


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